Once in a Lifetime?

Imagine my surprise when an invitation to a “Once in a Lifetime Event,” a “pop-up party” in Konstantin Dimopoulos’s blue trees installation on Buffalo Bayou landed in my inbox.


See, I actually organized a free, May Day, renegade dance party to launch this blog in that same installation.  Once in a lifetime?  Try “for the second time this year,” HAA — and it’s just a stone’s throw from your offices!  Not only did my party happen five months before theirs, mine was a DIY volunteer affair (thanks for all the people who contributed) whereas theirs costs a whopping $100 PER PERSON!!!  (We even got written up on offcite.org, CITE Magazine’s blog.)

In any case, my collaborators and I will be throwing more such renegades (both daytime and night time) with NO PERMITS and NO CORPORATE SPONSORS and NO ADMISSION FEE again this fall.  Stay tuned to the Texphrastic twitter feed and Facebook page for information on those.  In the meantime, you can find images from our NOT once-in-a-lifetime event in my Facebook gallery and on the event’s invite page.

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