What is Weft When the Tension Weaves the Warp?

Another word for a story is a “yarn.”  She spins a good yarn, you might say of Eudora Welty’s narrator in “Why I Live at the P.O.“.  Similarly, crafting a longer narrative such as a novel or a film is often likened to weaving, in that a the storyteller takes many story lines (threads) and avoids tangling them in knots while weaving a rich tapestry and using the denouement to “tie up all the loose ends.”

El Paso based artist Adrian Esparza has done the reverse of this–literally.  Esparza takes Mexican serape blankets and unravels them in a deconstructive act of self discovery, then arranges the thread on gallery walls in op-art “self portraits” that blast open the minuscule air pockets which (ironically) make for a blanket’s warmth into dazzling geometric patterns.


Esparza’s work is on view at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft through May 11.

You can find links to more of his work here and here, and he discusses some of his ideas in the video below.

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