Herb Wuz Here – Costa Rican Pavilion at the Venice Biennale


I once got in trouble for carving something in a school desk–a really expensive lab table, actually. And actually, I didn’t really “get in trouble” because I lied about it and nobody had any proof.


_MG_4554_MG_4555“Why would somebody else carve YOUR initials into YOUR seat?”  The principal clasped his hands on his massive desk and leaned forward with that “But you’re an honors student!” look of disappointment.




“I don’t know.” I turned up my palms and shrugged.  “Maybe they are trying to frame me.  I don’t know why somebody would do that.  But I can fix it with a paint marker.”




“And why would you offer to fix it if you didn’t do it?” he asked, reasonably enough.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged again.  “To clear my name?”




The paint marker, because it did not match the finish of the desk exactly, actually served to highlight my initials even more.  Shrug.  They must still be there.

Enjoy these photos of Priscilla Monge’s work.  She is one of four artists featured in the show “Democracy & Dreams: Territories, Geographies and Confluences” put on by the Costa Rican Pavilion at the 55th Biennale di Venezia.  (Other artists featured in this show are Cynthya Soto, Rafael Ottón Solís, and Esteban Piedra.)



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