Fun Photos

The first three are from Via Garibaldi, in Venice at the 2013 Biennale, put on by Visual Public Service.




This one is a little hard to read, so I will reproduce the text below:

A meditation on love
Mixed media: heart, liver, guts, blood, skin, fur.
is famous for not idealizing art and is part of
a movement called “the invisible”. This is the artists
first piece in the Biennale

This is how Visual Public Service describe themselves:

Visual Public Service is an organization formed by a diverse group from various fields, such as: writers, artists, actors and designers. We provide a non profitable service of poetry and artistic interventions in the public space.

More images of their work can be found here.

And here is another photo I took recently which doesn’t really fit anywhere in particular but I wanted to share it, nonetheless.


It’s from the G Gallery in Houston, but I couldn’t find any identifying information when I went there for Jon Read’s recent show and I had to rush off to the next spot before I was able to find gallery staff for help.  (Please leave information in the comments, if you know who made this hilarious but poignant piece.)

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