X-ACTO MUNDO – Christopher Cascio at the Emergency Room

Chris Cascio is unsane. Chris Cascio will get carpal tunnel. Chris Cascio’s skin is a bluish gray from basking before his computer screen. Chris Cascio is a tall emaciated Smurf Krishna. Chris Cascio blows through more X-acto knives in a week than you will in your lifetime. Chris Cascio will cut you paper dolls but you’ll want the leavings, the negative space, the doll-shaped wholes more than you thought passible.

Fun Photos

A meditation on love
Mixed media: heart, liver, guts, blood, skin, fur.
is famous for not idealizing art and is part of
a movement called “the invisible”. This is the artists
first piece in the Biennale


There is a drive by ‘administrators’ to instrumentalize arts practices: to make art serve some kind of utilitarian function — to press aspects of art making into service, whether in engineering, or what have you, whilst ejecting the free thinking that goes along with art practices. There is a drive to make art practical. I wanted to create a living research space — or at least a space for thinking to occur — free from bastardization.

Home, Interrupted

There is a Big Secret Art Thing happening in the garage behind [redacted], a tear-down-to-be in a an ugly & uglier section of Montrose. No one knows about it and no one knows what it means. Go in& look to your left. Daylight hours only. BURN THIS.